Retail, Furniture and Product systems can offer the end user numerous benefits. Well designed they are a real asset being functional, attractive, flexible, adaptable, cost effective and even futureproof - poor ones however can rapidly become a liability.


In the final analysis the likely usefulness of any system will be in direct proportion to the quality of thought invested in its creation. This is not necessarily a factor of how much time is spent on it - some of the most complicated (and therefore least viable) have taken an age to develop. No, the measure of a system is more concerned with achieving appropriateness to the intended application and the balance between the many and various factors governing its creation and use.


A system can be defined in terms of function, aesthetics, cost and performance - the weighting given to each is paramount and influences the whole development process. It is important that anyone involved in the project understand the factors driving the design, have an appreciation of the overall aims and feel a degree ownership which can then be translated into productive input at all stages.


Regular progress and stage reviews ensure costs and timings are kept under control. It is usual along the way for aims to be redefined and for unforeseen external factors to play a part however an appropriate level of control over the design and development process can allow this to happen whilst ensuring system integrity is maintained. Keton can operate as system ‘guardian’ whilst at the same time allowing controlled variation and even departure from the system when and where appropriate - dogmatism and pragmatism must co-exist for a systems project to succeed.


Clarity of thought in terms of seeing the bigger picture whist at the same time retaining a grasp of the detail requirements is essential. The ability to interpret a myriad of often conflicting demands and yet still achieve a sound technical and aesthetic solution does not come easily. It requires a fusion of analysis, creativity, experience and even intuition - at Keton we believe that anyone can add complexity, we set our sights higher.


“…...dogmatism and pragmatism must co-exist for a systems project to succeed.”



Systems Approach